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Physiotherapy & Massage in Myoko

"Our goal was to establish the best snowsports physiotherapy clinic in the world"

Bevan Colless

Myoko Physio Founder

Myoko Physio is owned and operated by the team at Asia Physio, Japan’s leading expatriate physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy and massage provider since 2002. We are committed to providing quality care for residents and visitors to the region. We practice an Australian-style of physiotherapy, generally considered the world leader in physiotherapy.

Asia Physio has branches in Tokyo, Niseko, Hakuba, Myoko, Nozawa and Singapore.

Full-service Physiotherapy and Massage Clinic conveniently located in the centre of Myoko Kogen. Above full Circle Café.

We are committed to providing world-class treatment. Your therapist will be dedicated to you at every consultation, so your injury has their undivided attention.

What we Treat

Myoko Physio specialises in…

We can help with acute injuries and pre-existing conditions that may prevent you from skiing or snowboarding to your full potential. We stock a wide range of braces to get you back on the mountain as soon as possible.

Our Expertise

Myoko physio provides world-class Australian-trained physiotherapists.

Our clinic pioneered the Myoko Physio bracing protocol to encourage ACL healing. This is a safe and easy-to-follow bracing regime that is showing greater than 70% healing rates.

We have been assisting injured skiers in Myoko since 2005 and have helped over 10,000 patients.

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