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Hands & Wrists

wristProblems in the hand and wrist are often related to performing sustained or repetitive tasks or a traumatic incident such as falling on an outstretched hand. Mothers of young children are at high risk due to the strain of holding and caring for baby.

If the injury is because of overuse it is often micro-tears and inflammation in the tendon causing the pain. We have a number of strategies to reduce the pain, such as:

  • Remedial massage the take tension from the muscles and facilitate movement
  • Gentle joint mobilisations of the wrist joints to allow for more natural movement. Only physiotherapists can provide joint mobilisations and massage alone is not sufficient.
  • Simple and gentle exercises to reduce the pain in the wrist and improve strength and flexibility
  • Self-management interventions through advice on occupational and home ergonomics
  • We have a range of bracing options that may be suitable either in-stock or to order

With traumatic injuries, it is best to get investigations as fractures are more common than sprains in this area. If there is a fracture time in a cast or brace is often required, with or without surgery. Once a patient is out of the cast the wrist will often be stiff and painful and require therapy to regain normal function.

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