Myoko Massage

We specialise in sports, relaxation and remedial massage. Using a combination of Swedish, Remedial and Sports massage techniques we aim to restore balance to the musculo-skeletal system, and to assist in recovery after exercise. We learn and share the latest manual therapy techniques across our clinics to ensure your body is revived and ready to go again for another day on the mountain. Our therapists are also able to do relaxation massage for non-skiers or those  just looking for a blissful rest day.

Sports Massage

Our massage therapists are among the most qualified in Myoko. With extensive experience working with athletes of all levels, we guarantee that our treatments will help accelerate your recovery. Get ready for your next day on the mountain with a remedial massage..

Relaxation Massage

Soothe your tired muscles and revitalise your body and mind with a deep relaxation massage.

Pregnancy Massage

Our therapists can help restore balance with specialty massage techniques. Massage during pregnancy can help decrease swelling while relieving tension and aches caused by extra stress on the body. Ask about our highly qualified therapists when making your booking.

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