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Natal Exercise Classes

pregnant1 Individual Abdominal and Pelvic Floor Retraining Programs

Many women have difficulties regaining strength and function to these areas. We have therapists and equipment specifically to address these concerns after a pregnancy.

Breathing Class

Learning breathing techniques can help you cope with the pain of labour and manage the contractions. The classes are kept small, with typically 2-5 couples participating.  The classes take around 2 hours. We receive excellent feedback from post-natal mothers who have attended the classes on the effectiveness of the breathing techniques for controlling contractions.

Obstetric TENS rental

TENS is a clinically proven natural pain relief for labour. By stimulating the sensory nerves the pain receptors are inhibited and labour pain may be reduced. TENS use is very popular with women throughout the western world.

We can help many problems specific to women. Pre and post-natal women have very specific exercise requirements. Our staff have training to ensure that the exercises are performed safely. Below is a list of the services we can offer.

Pre-Natal Group Exercise Classes

The exercise class consists of an aerobic workout, specific strengthening and toning exercises and an educational session covering a different topic each week.

Time: Please call or contact us for details.

Post-Natal Group Exercise Class

This class focuses on restoring the body to its pre-pregnant state through specific exercises which strengthen, tone and stabilise the body. mother_baby1
This helps prevent long term problems such as abdominal wall weakness, back ache and incontinence.

Time: Please call or contact us for details.

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