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Triathlon Coaching in Myoko

Bevan Colless

Bevan Colless

Vanessa Colless

Vanessa Colless

Lake Toya swim training

Lake Toya swim training

Niseko Tri Camp

Niseko Tri Camp

Myoko Physio co-founders Bevan and Vanessa Colless have both completed more than 10 Ironman distance triathlons. They are multiple age group winners and both have qualified for the Triathlon World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.  This personal experience, combined with a combined 15 years of sports science and physiotherapy tertiary education gives an excellent platform to provide a triathlon coaching service for those wanting to lift their performances to another level. They have coached over 20 ironman finishers including age group winners and a 9th overall finisher in Ironman Japan, 2013.


They have developed extensive experience in assisting endurance athletes get to the start line of all types of events, from 5k races, through to Hawaii Ironman World Championships and Olympic games marathons, we bring a unique skill-set geared to helping you meet your triathlon goals.

Bevan is a Level 1 Triathlon Coach, certified by Triathlon Australia.

Myoko Physio coached athlete, Jess Ripper (centre) and Vanessa Colless at Ironman Japan.

Myoko Physio coached athlete, Jess Ripper (centre) and Vanessa Colless at Ironman Japan.

The Philosophy

Our coaching philosophy is to ‘keep it simple’ to ensure you enjoy your training and races. We maximise the efficiency of your sessions to leave you enough time for your home and work life to flourish as well as your performance.

We subscribe to the reverse periodisation method of training that we have found reduces the

What is reverse periodisation?

The traditional ‘periodisation’ model used by endurance coaches is to have an athlete build a base in the early stages of the season by doing a lot of long slow distance (LSD) sets to develop endurance. As the race approaches athletes would then work on speed to try a get faster. Following the philosophy of pioneering triathlon coach Brett Sutton,; many of today’s top pros have flipped that around and found that reverse periodisation is a more effective way to prepare for a triathlon.

In the early stages of the season or a race build we work on getting fast first by developing the correct techniques, strength and skills you require to improve. Only in the last phase of a training build do we work on the long sessions.  It has been shown that endurance can be built much more quickly than speed and technique. This also decreases the chance of injury which is very common in early season training if an athlete tries to go long before their body is ready for it. It is also the perfect method of training for busy age group athletes as the time spent training is reduced.

Online Coaching

We offer a full service online coaching program with unlimited contact.

Your Program

Consistently following a well structured training program is the cornerstone of triathlon success.

  • Simple, clear and effective training plans to fit in with your lifestyle and goals
  • Clear, prompt communications and easily recognisable results
  • Knowledge to ensure you understand the reason behind your training
  • Sessions broken up to ensure recovery from each discipline is optimised

If you are tired of following generic, Zone-based training plans, or suffering through the mind-numbing fatigue of massive volume-based training; this is not what you will get with Myoko Physio Triathlon Coaching. We like to keep it simple and have our athletes follow a precisely structured training plan that allows each athlete to follow our training philosophy:

C.I.T: Consistency in training. Success in triathlon and endurance sport is not gained overnight, but through a consistent – drip, drip, drip approach of consistent effective work outs – each with their own goal.

The System – what you get

  • Unlimited contact via email, Skype, telephone and in-person to support your training and racing
  • Continual, regular structured training programs for every stage of your season and race preparations
  • Advice regarding all aspects of triathlon: bike selection and fitting, season planning, race selection, strengthening programs – a total service
  • A customised training program tailored to your ability, goals, training schedule and life circumstances
  • Unlimited modifications and updates to your Training Plan
  • 10{d98f852e17fcfb6dce33f9acdf8c5ae20844abc23812fdc1d29c271243ffe7df} discount on Myoko Physio physiotherapy (physical therapy) consultations.
  • 10{d98f852e17fcfb6dce33f9acdf8c5ae20844abc23812fdc1d29c271243ffe7df} discount on all product purchases from Myoko Physio (self massaging equipment, orthotics, exercise balls and more).

The Coaches

Bevan Colless

Bevan has Bachelor degrees in Sports Science (University of Technology Sydney) and Physiotherapy (University of Sydney) and has a long history of competing in endurance sports. Having been a national level cross-country runner in high school, Bevan played soccer and rugby for 15 years before returning to endurance sports in his 30’s to focus on triathlons.

Race Highlights:

  • Vineman Ironman distance triathlon 2009: 4th place overall
  • Nijima Olympic distance triathlon 2010 – 3rd place overall
  • Saitama long course triathlon 2010 – 2nd place overall
  • Challenge Copenhagen Ironman distance 2010: 9.44, 83rd overall
  • Ironman UK 2010: 10.29 50th place overall
  • Ironman Western Australia 2010, 9.31
  • Hawaii Ironman qualifier, Ironman Canada, Whistler 2013

Vanessa Colless

Vanessa comes from a gymnastics and springboard diving background, having been nationally ranked in both sports in her teens. She took up triathlons in 2005 and experienced success soon after. Having specialised in women’s health in her physiotherapy career Vanessa has a special interest in the specific demands triathlons places on the female body and how to maximise the performance of females.

Race Highlights:

  • 2nd in Age Group Ironmanronman Regensberg 2nd in Age Group
  • Phuket triathlon 2007 and 2008 3rd in Age Group
  • Vineman ‘Barb’s Race’ Half Ironman distance triathlon 2009- 3rd Female
  • Nijima Olympic distance triathlon 2010 – 1st female
  • Saitama  Long triathlon 2010 – 1st female
  • Challenge Copenhagen Ironman distance 2010: 10.47, 3rd in Age Group, 5thamateur female, and 14th overall female
  • Ironman Hawaii 2012, 3rd Australian in 35-39
  • Ironman Western Australia 2012 F35-39 Age Group winner

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